Friday, December 3, 2010

Back with a Vengence!

Hello Glamouristas!

So much has happened, so I better get on with catching up on lost time with you lovely Darlings!
Isn't it funny how everything can change in a split second? All I can say is PLEASE trust your instinct, if something is wrong DON'T ignore it my darlings, it will save you alot of hurt!
Right, let's sparkle away the hurt with these LOVELY pictures that I've found recently!

I would love to either frame this or get it printed onto canvas, it'd be the perfect artwork for my Bathroom! Retrieved from

Offically in search of the perfect Yellow jacket...Honestly what better colour would make an outfit pop the way this does? Even with the most simple accessories...
 retrieved from

I would really love these hanging on my kitchen wall, i seriously have an obsession with all things BIRDS!
Retrieved from Oneclaybead on

My New favourite colour I even bought this colour in nailpolish & am wearing it as we speak, I've even thought hmm time to change the Black & White up a bit in my bedroom & I've decide to add this beautiful colour. Now I'm confused as to what this colour is called...Pistachio?
Zebra Mask by MATTY8080 on

 I just ADORE this nursery, it's so gender neutral! PERFECT!
Exactly what i'm aiming for even though i know what gender I'm having!

MACAROONS! These would be perfect sweet treats for the baby shower!
Now I just have to learn how to make them!

I'm in the process of making Baby shower invites, Xmas cards, Bib necklaces for girly presents... Oh and I will be setting up shop on in the new year! Look out for OliviaEmmi in the sellers list!

So in the mean time Glamouristas, stay beautiful and happy & I will see you soon!

Ciao Glamouristas!

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