Friday, September 17, 2010

I'm Back!

Hello Glamouristas!!!

Oh i know, i know! I've been gone for too long but boy do I have news to tell you lovely ladies (and gents if there are any reading this blog!)

So drumroll please... *imitates drumroll* This fashionista got engaged!!!! and thats's not all.. I'm also expecting a baby!!!

So there's going to be a new air happening here at M.I.L.K Glamour, you'll see more fashion but with a few drops of childrensware, nurseries and the like. With the new layout and all, I felt it was time to proceed in a different manner, don't panic! I'm still me and still think my vogues are my babies!!
My fiance and I got a bigger house, and now I'm moving and in another decorating spin, this time with a new palette mixed with my old one from my unit but more male friendly.
So think Black, White and Grey with Chartruese and Navy/Aqua accessories :) What do you think?
I will be trawling my favourite sites and buying RealLiving, Belle, InsideOut for some inspiration.

Stay tuned for the pictures and gossip I have coming your way!

'Till next time,
Ciao Glamouristas!

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