Monday, July 19, 2010

It's been over a month!

Hello my Glamouristas!
I'm so sorry for neglecting you! So much personal stuff was going on, I was looking for a place and then moving house... Car broke down then had to buy a new car! and so on it was just drama, drama, drama for weeks on end but mind you I still had time to duck into a newsagent and buy magazines to keep up to date with the world of fashion. So much gorgeous stuff, the resort and pre-fall collections just makes me long for spring!

I've yet to show you pictures of my unit, a mini makeover of a budget of $500! I did pretty well!!

Now, I haven't been sourcing any pictures for a while but once I get a mobile internet stick and get my laptop back from repairs you can expect that i'll be making consistent blog posts and latest trends and whatnot :)

Till next time my Glamouristas. Stay happy and well.


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