Friday, January 14, 2011

My Musings of the Day

Hello Glamouristas! How are we today?
I have a few pictures I want to share with you that has sparked my inner thoughts to be more curious! :)

And rightly so!!

So I'm not sure if you can notice but I'm developing an obbession for bird tattoos,
 I find them so sweet and interesting.

Can you imagine if everyday your cupcakes would look like this?
How much fun does that make life?

Book Must-have! It's on my wish list!

So I've heard all the raves about Lula Magazine, I'm curious as to whether I should
get a subscription because I can't find them anywhere in Australia

Don't you just LOVE pistachio green with gold? I usually don't like brown but
 it just goes beautifully in this space!

The words every man should know.

With Australia day coming up I saw this picture and thought, hmm I could really make
the Australian flag represent me with floral fabric! Make Your Own Aussie Flag!

I just really love combining whimsical art with the known.

Call me crazy but life is better when all your hangers match! I'm loving this driftwood burnt look!

So Glamouristas, a short but lovely post. Gets me thtough the day knowing there's something beautiful in everything.. well most things!
Have a lovely afternoon!


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