Thursday, June 10, 2010

Words We Create

Hello Glamouristas,
Lately I've been looking for comfort within words. I tried to get some encouragement from The Boyfriend, while I'm searching for a glimmer of hope. I failed. I knew he wasn't much of a talker but i had hoped he could say something postive instead of always being realistic and rational. In a way it makes our relationship strong because we're similar yet so different.

Some words I have here to resonate with me, I hope it does for you too and there's even some beuty in the way words are presented as art.

See how these words have an effect on your self esteem? I expected these words from The Boyfriend, but I was upset by his inability to say things like this and I had to tell him that I wanted encouragment, Men really aren't simple creatures haha, everything feels like hardwork to them. I love him so much it hurts. I'm going through a difficult time of trying to get my life back in order, It's a step by step appraoch, I'm getting happier because I'm doing what I want in the time frame that suits me. Happiness takes in many forms, try and find the things that make you happy even if it's just looking up at the stars at night or perhaps playing ball with your dog or reading vogue. Anything will do.

Ciao Glamouristas!

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