Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inspirations for my own place

Hello Glamouristas!
As you can see I'm about to make this blog more pleasing to the eye with new headers and more pretty things. I felt it was time to go to another level with my blogging relationship, unlike my relationship with The Boyfriend. Gosh who knew relationships were hard work? by far this is the 2nd longest relationship i've ever been in, so I guess kudos to me, the reformed single girl. The wild child has been tamed.

Anyhoo, onto what I want to talk to you lovelies about, the decor in my non-existant new place. I'm still trying to find somewhere to live, It's a battle and a half that's for sure. But I do enjoy going to inspections and imagining what I could do with the space if I was succesfull with my applications :) I'm quite the day dreamer.

Without further ado, here are the pictures that inspire me.



Does everyone get the gist of what I'm trying to show you? I hope so!
So it's like a mix of shabby chic with french decor, I want lots of black and white with hints of pink and also lots of mirrors. I'm thinking of doing up my bed side table in mirror mosaic, I've done it before for my HSC major work, which will feature as artwork in my new space.

Now for more pressing matters, I feel that if It's too girly The Boyfriend won't want to visit. Am I paranoid? Honestly though. Maybe if i put more black and white and less pink he'll feel more at peace? But i really shouldn't care what he thinks of my space. its exactly that. My space.. my chance to have a place exactly the way I want before I co-exist with him, before the merging of the things.
That seems more rational doesn't it?
My current bedroom is already decked out like this, imagine a whole house! It's going to be BEAUTIFUL! I cannot wait to weave my magic :)

Ciao Glamouristas!

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