Sunday, May 30, 2010

New Discoveries

Hello Lovelies!
It's been a while, I'm sorry for neglecting you! BUT! I love being introduced to new websites and discovering pretty things when I come back. Constantly finding Clickable things that keep taking me to more and more interestingly beautiful sites!

And so I'd like to share some things with you.

Divine Christian Lacriox Cards from
The paper trail has so many beautiful things, I honestly wished I had a credit card just so Icould buy everything!
Whilst looking at another site I also wished I has this GORGEOUS romper, found at

I'd wear it with these awesome Jeffrey Cample Tickle Leather Shoes with this See by Chloe Funny Love Leather Satchel also found at
SO much can be found at that awesome site! Maybe my new Source?

And the while I think its safe to say that i'm obsessed with these Pamela Love Rings over at
These double cage rings are wild! and totally unique to me! I LOVE THE DOUBLE CAGE!

Beautiful, right?
I'm totally not surprised that it's on back order until july 15th!

Ciao Lovelies!

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