Monday, May 10, 2010

20 reasons to be excited about Winter Fashion

Hello lovelies!

The cold season is well and truly upon us but we aren't letting that stop is from getting weak in the knees for some frost bitten fashion, so! I've compiled a list of why i'm excited about winter approaching!!

1. Black Is Back On The Menu- In summer we werent able to wear black because we sweated bucketloads, now its totally acceptable to wear black and loads of it this winter

2. Bikinis Are Banished! - YAY! We can spend more of accessories and scarves not sunscreen!

3. Dressing Is No Sweat- Summer can't ruin our clothes or leave puddle marks

4. You Can Scarf It Up- Scarves are an instant style fixer you can wear the same outfit but change the scarf!

5. No Glove, No Love- remember all those sweaty hands you had to shake in summer and u wondered where thier hands had been? Well thats long gone for winter, bringing back style+leather gloves = HYGENIC!

6. Boots Are On The Up And Up- like scarves they can update your look. Oh and speaking of boots invest in a pair of Over The Knee boots so you can still wear your mini skirts from summer with stockings.. if you have big calves like mine opt for those boots that are like soks with a shoe on the end!

7. Layers Aren't For Onions- cant decide what to wear each day? Wear it all!

8. Repetition Rules, Ok?- Who cares if they've seen it all before, its comfy and warm!

9. It's Ok To Be Snow White- Banishing the Tan, alabaster skin looks better in winter than those leather looking beach bums, Haill to Dita Von Teese! Bye Tan!

10. Makeup Stays Put- Say Bye to puddles of eyeshadow and foundation, runny mascara and sticky sunscreen, winter helps the makeup stay on all day

11. Jewellery Isn't A Liability- No swollen fingers, so Bling it on!

12. It's All Fur & Clothing- Faux fur will help you release your inner ski bunny at a fraction of the price!

13.You Can Eat...And Eat- Hide that winter bulge under gorgeous coats, it'll remain your best kept secret and no one will ask you how far along you are!

14.You Can Ignore Your Toes- Say Bye to monthly Pedis and hello to new shoes or that Double shot hazelnut Cappucino

15. Knickers Are Comfortable-After a summer of trying to hide that VPL under white dresses, you can stop worrying about unless your boyrfiend has X-ray vision!

16. Tights Gie You A Leg Up- No shaving, holds you in and you can still wear your summer dress, oh black opagues if only you could change a light bulb for us, we'd marry you!

17. Bad Hair Days Be Gone!- Think jaunty berets or cute caps, bed hair is perfectly acceptable because you can hide it!

18. Men Are Men- Now they can look more normal, a far cry from boardies and wife beater singlets. Say hello to denim jeams and jumpers!

19. Feet Can Take A Load Off- bring back cosy socks, ugg boots, flats.. our long forgotten best friends!

20. Summer's Coming- Theres a reason for every season, to get us excited about the next one!

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