Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Home Decor Ideas

Hello Darlings!
I found these beautiful pictures from susiebubble, the Rodarte Campaign... I thought these would be wonderfully beautiful printed onto landscape canvas... which I can get done at Big W at a reasonable price.. they start from $25 up to $120.. you can also use Harvey Norman to get them printed, I have a considerable amount of wall space in my home.

Another thing I plan to do is buy and paint MDF sheets white or white primer and get some black chalkboard paint, since I have limited hooks (I have a rental house) I decided I could just lean the sheet onto the wall with a foam protectant on the lean point, so it doesnt scratch the walls.

Although I would love to do what these guys did below.

Great idea isn't it? and i am quite irrationally jealous :)
Some of the Hand Me Down crockery and plates etc are quite dated... I also would LOVE to get some tile paint and renew these so I don't have to buy anything.
Not sure what colour I want my kitchen scheme to be yet....
Any ideas?

I picked up some free posters from the local video store, and i'll get some plastic poster clip frames which I can pick up for $19 at the Reject Shop...
There is this gorgeous storage ottoman i'd love to get and it's only $100!.. Also will be on the hunt for a rug too, to keep the carpets clean. I'm thinking Op-Shops might be the place to start! BUT!!! Make sure you clean them before you lay them down... you can pick up a carpet cleaner vaccum for hire at your local supermarket, it's something like $30 a day.

What do you think of these colour schemes? Add Black, white, silver and a hint of gold in the mix... Risky much? I think it could somehow work....

or maybe something like this, which i got from Coco Kelley.


So many ideas, so little money, so join me on my massive hunt for the cheapest chic to make it look like a million bucks :)
(a fabulous trait I picked from my gorgeous mother, Donna)

Ciao Lovelies!

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