Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I'm seriously obbessed with this show, i love it more than The Hills, especially because it doesn't have Heidi and Spencer on the show. Couldn't ask for a better show that mixes fashion, drama and boyfriends. It's like my life in a show, a more stylish show if you will.

Although Whitney is my favourite character on the show, I do have to say that Erin in the first season is one I find more in common with.. and that boy!! JR!!! swoon! I do not care what anyone says about my choice of man, but i've notced a pattern in myself. I like guys like that, that rugged/ laid back look... droool!

So here's my plan for categorising my obbession;
                                          *Cafes/ Restaurants

Hopefully you'll enjoy that set up :)
Ciao Lovelies!


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